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Doprava zdarma nad 80 €

With every purchase you make, you move one step closer to levelling up your exclusive member status. Awesome perks and exclusive member-only items are waiting for you.


for every purchase
  • Permanent discount2%
  • Minimal lifetime spend0
  • Free shipping from80 €
  • Birthday offerNO
  • Early access limited editionsYES


for every purchase
  • Permanent discount5%
  • Minimal lifetime spend400 €
  • Free shipping from80 €
  • Birthday offerYES
  • Early access limited editionsYES


for every purchase
  • Permanent discount8%
  • Minimal lifetime spend1000 €
  • Free shipping from0 €
  • Birthday offerYES
  • Early access limited editionsYES

Each of us dreams of an escape from reality, of a place where we will feel like we are in paradise. After a year full of work and routine worries, most of us fly to exotic landscapes with white beaches to feel carefree, free, happy and special for at least two weeks.

We at TIMME would like to live differently and enjoy a piece of paradise every day. Whatever your perfect place is, we believe it represents happiness, well-being and beautiful surroundings. In the paradise that we present to you, you will find a community of people who, at least for a while, do not rush anywhere and rejoice in the magic of the given moment. Here and Now. We want to enjoy every minute, every training session, every good meal, every person who smiles back at us. We have a lot of work ahead of us, which may never end, but the feeling that we are spreading joy, that we are creating things that you enjoy is our piece of paradise. A paradise in which you are also an integral part!

Accept the invitation to our loyalty program, which we couldn’t call anything other than TIMME PARADISE.

Be loyal to us and support our work with your purchases. We will do our best to make you feel special and feel the atmosphere of TIMME PARADISE.

What benefits await you?

For signing up, you will receive a 10% discount on your first purchase. Immediately afterwards, we will upload your personal membership discount of at least 2% for every purchase in TIMME to your client account.

The more often you shop, the higher your personal bonus will be. TIMME PARADISE members will be the first to know about everything happening at TIMME. You will be able to participate in private V.I.P. events, seasonal sales or you will be able to shop all our limited collections that we are preparing for you first. And that’s just the beginning!

If we were to reveal everything today, we wouldn’t be able to surprise you, and that’s why we always keep the best things undisclosed. With your registration, you become a member of our paradise.

Every good brand has its own loyalty program, because we don’t want to be just a good brand, we can’t have an ordinary club.

So Welcome to Paradise, come take a step into paradise with us!

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