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TIMME house is a private, family, comfortable, multifunctional, but also exclusive, commercially bombed house, where everything that represents TIMME is created. Through our shared videos, we allow you to see the inside of the action, thanks to which some parts of TIMME house will be intimately familiar to our customers already on their first visit.

I hope that visiting TIMME house will be an experience in itself. ūüôā

My long-term vision was to create a special place that will be the heart of the entire TIMME brand. A place where we can meet and feel relaxed. A place that will be a background for our employees, creators of our content, and will also be accessible to our customers.

Founder of the TIMME brand Tímea Trajtelová about TIMME house

Showroom realized by MSinDesign

Founder of TIMME Tímea Trajtelová o MSinDesign

I am very glad that I decided to implement the showroom with Evka and Michal, who are behind MSinDesign. Evka listened with interest to my visions about TIMME house, felt my style and through visualizations created a wonderful project that I immediately fell in love with. Thanks to Michal, who made everything to measure, he managed to transfer the designs 1:1 into the final form of TIMME house.

My satisfaction led me to the idea that I would like to take this opportunity to thank Evka and Michal for their conscientious and perfectly performed work. They created a beautiful showroom, which also acquired its own unique atmosphere thanks to their handwriting.

At the same time, I would very much like to recommend their quality products to our customers, because I believe that it is quality and work done with love that we all like to support.

Cooperation on a joint project brought us so close that Evka and Michal decided to include all pieces of furniture and accessories from the realization of TIMME house in the offer of the MSinDesign e-shop.

We were approached by the honest handmade Czech production of high-quality design furniture from materials – wood and steel.

The soul of the MSinDesign brand are two smart and enthusiastic young people: Evka, who designs new pieces according to the client’s requirements, and Michal, who is in charge of the custom-made production itself.